the Virtual Reality Juggling rhythm action game

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Download now for Oculus Rift: Click the button below. If you download it, do reach out and let me know your feedback!

a music game like no other

Welcome to Neutrino - the virtual reality rhythm action game born out of the joy of juggling!  Neutrino is a competitive score-driven juggling frenzy: keep the beat as you navigate mind-bending topology. Learn advanced juggling and connect catches to achieve high scores and beat your friends!

Exhibited at Dubai International Film Festival 2017 and SkillCon 2017. 

The game is currently being developed by Benjamin Outram.  He is looking for new partners, collaborators, and feedback from users, to help bring Neutrino from its current prototype form to publishing.  Soon, everyone will be able to share in the joy of juggling in VR.  For questions or to get involved, please send me an email via the contact page.