planet juggle - virtual reality juggling 

Ever wondered what it would be like to juggle on other planets?  Planet juggle is a juggling simulation allowing you to learn from 1 to 9 balls.  Juggle with reduced gravity to make learning fun and easy.  You can juggle on the Moon, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Earth or Neptune!  A drum beat helps you time your throws and catches, and each throw creates a beautiful sound, so you can compose music while learning to juggle.

Now available on SideQuest!

Game modes:

Free mode - Juggle how you like, any number of balls, in expert or beginner mode, what ever gravity you like.

Campaign mode - Test your skills in progressively more difficult juggling challenges.


Snap to hand - Ball snaps into your hand when it touches it. Disabling this makes catching balls more difficult, but the physics is more accurate.

Trigger to hold - If enabled, holding both index triggers will bring all balls back to your hand (useful if you drop them all). The secondary triggers (middle fingers) will enable you to hold onto the balls, preventing them from leaving your hand (useful for take-outs).

Trail type - Forward: trails show you where balls will go. Trails: trails follow behind the balls.

In-game setting:

Beginner mode - Balls go to predetermined height (optimal for juggling a cascade pattern, and great for high numbers of balls).

Expert mode - Balls can be thrown any height.

Gravity - Gravity controls how fast balls fall - reduce this for easier juggling.

Tempo - Controls tempo of background music (and also the height that balls will go in ‘beginner mode’ juggling. Reduce this for easier juggling.