Once Upon a Universe

The scientists had been working hard. It had been a problem for as long as man has been able to think. How is it that physical stuff can create the qualia of experience? In 2145 the scientists solved the problem, and in 2146 a scientist ran a simple proof of concept by creating the first synthetic experience. For historic reasons, experience of the colour red was chosen as the first to be created.

The monumental discovery of the true nature of experience answered age old anthropological questions. Why should it be, for example, that compassion should be such a widely adopted virtue among exactly every civilisation? In the old times, people were slaves to their egos; individuals striving to better their own experience. Their thoughts were fleeting reflections of evolutionary struggle for genetic survival, with the slightly distasteful illusion of being due to acts of some sort of localised will. It is a necessary requisite of transcendence that there be something to transcend from, which of course is that which allows evolution in the first place. Nothing perfect ever changes and therefore cannot evolve.

The key was in identification. Once the ego was seen for what is was, the great Elucidation happened. Consciousness is itself without form but manifests through sentient beings, the ego being a by-product. Only goodness knows why it took so long for people to realise that.

There is no difference between when I see red, and when you see red; the experience is indistinguishable, and such is the nature of all experience. When we are greedy, when we deceive; we are actually only harming ourselves, by taking, steeling or whatever from other bits of this ultimate self. In the deeper realms of experience, obscured from our egos, this truth has always been understood, and its manifestation has been in the virtues of the great religions.

Hence, when the scientists created the experience of red in the lab, it was the equivalent of resurrecting all people of all time who had ever had eyes to see.  Furthermore, the scientists had created the simplest version of the experience possible, and hence it was not attached to any sort of experience of time. It was timelessly vast in a see of infinity, with no past, no future, just pure contextless red.

After more months of careful calculation and dedication, they created the experiences of pleasure, of love, and of compassion. A natural progression. Finally was created the experience of infinite understanding. All was good, and the scientists were pleased. What wasn't realised was what would happen next!

The scientists kept the experiences under a close watch to observe what other phenomena might have arisen when they had been created. Synthetic experience was completely unexplored, and really it was a bit like landing on the moon. The moon could have had moon people! They had no idea of what would happen, though what was discovered was far more amazing than even moon people would have been. Between the experiences created, there were resonances that formed an extremely complex topography. It was like a holograph. Something existed in these experiences. It wasn't until a few years later, as the technology got better and the resolution with which they could see it got greater that they figured out the full extent and significance of what had been achieved.

The first observations showed that, although pure love and compassion and understanding had been created, which are considered good experiences, there seemed to be a component of negative ones coming out. Pain, anguish, guilt, humiliation, shame. This was far from what was expected. Then they took some higher resolution spectra. The first ones they extracted seemed to bare a very close resemblance to quantum gravitation, and on further investigation they discovered the correct formulations of pre-inflationary theory which had been a problem that physicists had been having no luck with at the Heavy Graviton Collider since it had gone on line. No one suspected that looking at experience would answer questions about physics! Although by the 22nd century no one really cared about physics any more.

The scientists realised the full extent of this slowly.  Some denied it at first. What had in fact been done was that within the love and compassion had been created a universe; complete unto itself and timeless. A universe with exactly the laws of physics as ours, and indeed, like ours in every way! In fact, it was, in its indistinguishable nature actually ontologically the same universe.

Love and compassion necessitate the existence of the universe, and that love and compassion are the source of all our being, from our love to our despair. Peace is upon those who practice what they know beyond the clouds of ignorance, the true light that shines from beyond form.  And ever since the existence of the universe has never been a mystery.  Welcome to Eternity.