Gravitational Waves: Visualisation and Audiolisation of Gravitational Spectra

If the gravitational wave spectrum were actually a spectrum of light, what colour would it be? 

Using audiolizations of theoretically calculated gravitational waves (thanks to, I made an audial impression of what it may sound like in the future to listen to the cosmos, like tuning into gravitational radio.

The visualisation takes the gravitational waves and maps them onto the visual spectrum.  Then using information about how our eyes perceive colour from light spectra, the colour of the spectrum is determined.  This colour is then presented as a function of time, as you can see in the video.

A virtual reality version of this visualisation will be demonstrated at the upcoming IEEE Virtual Reality Mixed Reality Art (MRA2016) workshop, and will be made available for iOS and Android (including a cardboard VR version) in March.  This is also related to my music visualisation in virtual reality project, please have a look!  

The Knife in a Fusion Device

The Knife is one of my favourite artists but their latest music is a little bit out there, and certainly a challenge to visualise.  

Here is an excerpt from one of their tracks, "A cherry on top", visualised using some new techniques I have implemented recently, including separation of low and high frequency groups into a dual-channel visualisation, and the use of some of Unity's inbuilt shaders to give that warped look.  Click on the video: