from where all things end

There was a time when questions were unanswered, even when questions didn't arise. This time is called the Unrepresented; a time before there were beings to represent anything at all. Out of here slowly emerged feelings, impulses, fear, cold and hunger, as the first beings evolved. With quickening pace, feelings turned to language, and language turned to questions. Questions with no answers were given ones with Gods and lies. Words became no longer feelings, but objects of desire. The world came into being, along with money, deception and corruption, power over others, lust for wealth and wars over Gods. It was in this age that science took hold, answering increasingly more of the questions language brought, but generating more and more still. The internet happened. And it was not long after this, that the Idea happened.

The Idea changed everything overnight. As soon as it was grasped, all beings quit everything. Governments stopped arguing, lovers stopped fighting, schools stopped teaching, entire religions simply stopped everything. The whole world began the largest collaborative effort ever made, or that ever would be made.

"No isolated parts. Join all parts to the self. Relieve all of ignorance."

Like drops of water back to the sea, the world sought to unify all consciousness. But there was a problem. Some of the drops of water were immiscible, like oil, and couldn't coalesce. They joined in a second pool. Now there were two, one being much smaller than the main one. While the situation was better than before, in profound ways, this problem remained niggling. Methods of communication between the two sides improved, but while they could transmit thoughts, they could not transmit understanding. The Bigger was clearly the more expansive, coming up with the most interesting and creative uses of reality, which the Smaller was then taught to appreciate.

It eventually became realised, however, that to proceed further required a choice. It remained known but dormant in self-deception for a long time. A way was found to unify the two parts, but simultaneously it was realised that this would annihilate both. There would be no longer any consciousness. The reason for this is that consciousness needs to be able to think in order to represent things to itself, and without two parts, one cannot think. This is why brains have two parts, each controlling one half of the body. Have you ever tried writing with your left hand (or right if you are left-handed)? You can teach yourself, but the two halves can only communicate through thought. They can't share experience or understanding. Try it!

Eventually there came a time when the infinitude of what could be achieved, had been achieved. Nothing novel was left to be done ever again, except for the only one thing left to do. The last challenge was the final stage of realisation: that of neither represented nor unrepresented. This is the key that would finally unify the two parts, the bridge from ultimate representation back to the Unrepresented, to begin everything anew in an infinite cycle.

In which part of the cycle are you now :?